2020 Senior Banners

There are very few reasons to get up at 5am. Photography is at the top of the list of reasons. When my buddy Jason of Speaking Socially said he was going to be downtown hanging up the banners to honor this year's high school seniors, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to document the morning. … Continue reading 2020 Senior Banners

FaceTime Photoshoot with Kayla

These are strange times. If I were a landscape photographer, I'd be set. But I prefer to photograph people, which is difficult when everyone is supposed to be staying at home. I saw other portrait photographers doing remote photoshoots over FaceTime/Zoom/whatever, so I asked Kayla if she'd be interested. She's always up for a challenge, … Continue reading FaceTime Photoshoot with Kayla

52 Portraits : 4/52

I'm halfway trying to capture people in their element. I definitely caught Steve doing what he loves. https://danielhedrick.smugmug.com/52portraits/52-Portraits-2020/i-dBgrD4d/A We spent the evening downtown on Central Ave exploring the neon on Public Drug. Warmed up afterwards with Mac and cheese at Mighty Mo. Steve leaves for a new adventure in a week, so I'm glad we … Continue reading 52 Portraits : 4/52

52 Portraits : 3/52

https://photos.smugmug.com/52portraits/52-Portraits-2020/i-r5Hs4ZG/0/dccdf473/X2/_DRH4906-X2.jpg (Almost) teen spirit. Still working through friends and family before moving on to portraits of strangers. Baby steps. You might recognize Mya from the metal-themed (that became a blue-themed) portrait from last year. https://photos.smugmug.com/photos/i-hJCPcXJ/0/2ea07fee/X2/i-hJCPcXJ-X2.jpg She's a trooper.

52 Portraits : 2/52

https://danielhedrick.smugmug.com/52portraits/52-Portraits-2020/i-zKqWC8Z/A Sometimes good light just happens. Part of the goal of this project is to force myself to pay attention to light again. It's easy to get caught up in being busy, so busy that we miss perfect opportunities for a photo. No studio, lights, backdrop, or planning. Just lunch near a window. 52 Portraits … Continue reading 52 Portraits : 2/52

52 Portraits : 1/52

Off to a slow start on this 52 Portraits project, but a weekend of ice fishing provided a great opportunity. I couldn't feel my fingers, the shot isn't well focused, and I didn't have my A7R III handy, but it pretty accurately depicts the cold we endured packing up camp on Sunday morning. https://danielhedrick.smugmug.com/52portraits/52-Portraits-2020/i-JSdtd4h/A Every … Continue reading 52 Portraits : 1/52